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Unapologetically Your TruU

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Becoming TruU, Unmasking

Why are you apologizing for being you?

To be unapologetically your Godly truth, you have to become unmasked or it won’t work. I know, because I tried.

Let’s talk about it for a minute.

I spent an extraordinary amount of time apologizing for being me. Why? Because l am often misunderstood because of the mantle that’s on my life. I didn’t know this at the time, I just tried to make things work. But instead, I exceeded the limit of over-explaining myself to people who didn’t ‘get it’ anyway; because they didn’t get me. My heart was big enough to look past the indiscretions but it never felt right to simply pull back or go along with their program.

I wondered why I was the one making all the adjustments. Why was everyone else fine but according to their standards, I wasn’t?

I’ll raise my hand in a minute if the problem is me. It took me years to wake up and just stop the madness and realize it wasn’t always me. I mean I had to literally stop to ask myself, what am I doing? I would hear side-line comments about who people thought I was. They drew their own conclusions, not knowing my story. I had finally grown tired of the same-ole-same-ole and had to shake myself loose. I stayed too long with people AND in places that made me feel worse after being around them.

Somebody knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Why be sorry for who you are? If you are always apologizing because people don’t get you, it’s time to re-think this thing. It’s time to be true to yourself and be the God-given gift that you are!

Get around some people who will accept you. It’s simple. Move. I’m telling you to come out from among them! Are you afraid of moving because it might be uncomfortable? But isn’t it uncomfortable now? In all honesty, you will go through a transition that won’t feel good. But, it’s all in how you look at it and if it’s worth it to you? If you don’t want to move or change, do you really want to be free? It’s work out here.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you there?
  • What are you getting out of it?
  • What do the people offer you to make you stay a part of this cycle? It’s something or you wouldn’t be putting up with half of the nonsense.

To become your true you, you must first acknowledge the lie. What are you lying about? Before you get offended, think about it this way. What do you cover up? Do you switch up when you are around certain people? Are you people pleasing? Do you ride off of the opinions of others? This is the fishing area to find out the false witness of yourself.

When you are not true all-the-way around, ‘putting on faces’ or what I love to call masks, you begin to lose your identity. This takes away from you. I know because it took me years to start the process of becoming my true person. To be real-real about it, most of my adult life.

The true person is ever evolving because we all have layers. As you go deeper in God, He reveals the scars that still bleed and the fears that speak to and for you. Truth exposes, while darkness covers.

My mask formed because of sexual abuse I endured as a child, which I talk about in my book, Who I’ve Become. I learned how to become a product and prisoner of “people-pleasing” and opinions. It held me captive until God began to break that thing free from my life.  I didn’t realize how strong these two spirits were until I began to unmask. I uncovered the hidden secrets embedded deep in my soul, to the ears of my Heavenly Father.

To unmask is to be in truth in all situations.

I’m still learning how to no longer apologize for who I am. I strive to not adjust to fit people, situations or work hard to get them to change their summary of who I am. I’m so thankful I’ve grown tired of it because it takes time and energy that could be used to better my life.​ Don’t you agree?

For those who don’t embrace you, it’s cool. It really is, because I can guarantee you there’s two more who do “get you”. ​No longer apologize for who you are to ‘get in’  when God has already drafted you in.

After you spend time being real about what’s truly going on with you, start by living in your truth. Compare it to God’s way by what His word says; then apply it to my life by making the Word personal. This will make a world of difference and you will see change.

I want you to shine, DO YOU all the way! Why? Because there’s only one of you and I need you to become unapologetically YOUR true you. Get on your way and start today!

Psalm 139:14 New International Version (NIV) – I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;  your works are wonderful,  know that full well.

Cross Reference to Study:

  • Psalm 139:14 : Ps 119:164; 145:10
  • Job 40:19
Sonya Visor

Sonya Visor

Author/TruU Founder

Sonya’s passion is to help women unmask to become their authentic self in God.



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