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by | Sep 9, 2021 | FB Posts, Soul Maintenance

TruU Nugget from Sonya’s Heart

I’m the first to raise my hands for trying to move underneath the radar. At events, I’d take a seat in the back of the room every time. I had plenty to say but remained quiet. Because if I spoke then I’d no longer be invisible. I didn’t need or desire to have all eyes on me.

Truth. I could never be invisible when God’s fingerprints are all over my life. Same for you, if you belong to God.

NOW. God is breaking me out of my shell to shine (be out front) even when I’m not on a speaking assignment. There can’t be any more retreating into my corner; to stay clear of mean people. God is saying, “Get out there, girl!” Lol. 

It’s your turn!  It’s time for me to encourage you to get out of the corner, girl! God doesn’t want YOU covering up your light. Shine! BE the light for someone else to see their way out! You have something to offer the people God placed in your path. It doesn’t matter who doesn’t like it because God approves!

Will you shine today and every day? 


Sonya Visor

Sonya Visor

Author/TruU Founder

Sonya’s passion is to help women unmask to become their authentic self in God.



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