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So You Know Better Than Me?

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Becoming TruU, Deal With It, TruU

A little while ago, I was sitting on the couch about to send a text when I heard the Lord say, “Leave it be….”

I dismissed and ignored what I heard, only to have Him repeat himself. (Him being, Almighty, All-Knowing, and All-Powerful). I pretended like I did not hear the Lord and kept on putting my text together.

I felt the inward pause; I recognize the pause.

Because I have preached about the pause knowing the significance of it, still…

On this night, I pushed pass the pause; with good intentions, of course.

Why in the world would I do this, I know better?

The moment I pushed the send button something shifted.

All world confusion and discord broke out into the lives involved. Now, I am in a state of agony from a self-inflicted wound. Lord. Why. Didn’t. I. Listen? (See, now, I am calling on the Lord) There’s no way to get the text back. There are no do-overs in text-nology. No one has created an app to retrieve-a-text and fix this, even though there’s an app for everything else. No. I am stuck. Left to deal with consequences of the decision I made to send the text when the Lord repeatedly tried to intervene. I did not humble myself before God. #Smh

Heavy sigh. Why? Because I knew my ‘why,’ the reason I did it.

It is the same reason you ignore His voice. I will be back later to talk about it in part two. In the mean time, think about the ‘why’ to see if we both are on the same page.

​Always Be TruU #Unmasked

​GOD’S WORD® Translation – Scripture says, “If you hear God speak today, don’t be stubborn. Don’t be stubborn like those who rebelled.”

Part 2

I mean come on really, do I know better than God? Maybe you do? Is there anyone who knows better than God?

The answer is a resounding no.

So please tell me why I thought my wonderful idea would work and God’s way would not make the cut? I know, right. God. Almighty. Fail? Uh, never that. However, that is exactly what it comes down to. If you did not read part 1, click here.

I thought I could go around God’s ‘Let it be’ response and ‘handle’ things more effectively and quicker than God’s plan. Boy did I set myself up for the huge disappointment. Being out side of God’s timing is a major gamble because I had some serious consequences to pay. (As I stated in Part 1, I should have listened.) Traveling this route, not trusting God, will take you.

I must have thought I was standing next to God in the throne room to override the King’s decision. Even the angels have better sense than that. Who in the world do I think I am to bypass God’s command and did not know that it would cost me anything?

That is just it; I was not thinking but responding out of emotion. One way or another, disobedience always cost something. My decision affected other people’s lives, as well as my own.

Now did I mean to jump out here on my own? No, because I thought I was ‘helping’ God. (Like, He needed my assistance). I made the situation ten times worse because I traveled outside of God’s plan for one reason–selfishness.

​See, I did not want a by-and-by prayer; I wanted my now answer. Because I did not see God doing anything, so I took matters into my hands. Not realizing God had indeed moved, it just wasn’t the answer I was looking for. It is the truth. This hurt deep because this is not my first lesson in this area.

Let me tell you; my decision was not worth the agony, stress and emotional roller coaster I set in motion because I could not trust God to handle things. My aim was low; when I should have been looking high. God’s ways are never like ours because He Is God. He knows best. He knows what’s best for each of us. I know I will think more than once before playing God.

I pray that you will join me because God really does have the master plan. After all, He is the Master. Will you trust God to MOVE without interference from you? I shared with you to help you recognize the ‘let it be’ situations in your life. It is time to discern when to be still until God tells us to move.

Be Your TruU by trusting God.

Isaiah 55:  8 ¶For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Sonya Visor

Sonya Visor

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Sonya’s passion is to help women unmask to become their authentic self in God.



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